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Credit Unions Thrive Here

Celebrate International Credit Union Day on Thursday, October 19, 2017!Since 1948, International Credit Union Day has been marked as a celebration of the movement and those who support and work in the credit union industry. To mark the occasion, let's play the credit union version of 'Did you know?'!

  • Members own the credit unions. As a credit union member, you are a stockholder in the organization. You have voting rights when it's time to elect new board members. You can attend a meeting each year to gain knowledge on how the organization is doing and give insight into the direction of the organization.
  • Credit unions are not-for-profit organizations. Any profits generated throughout the year are used to benefit you as a member. Those profits are invested into new products and services, lower loan rates or higher deposit rates.
  • Credit unions have shared ATM and branch CO-OPs. Many credit unions share ATMs, which means members nationwide have access to thousands of free ATMs. Employment Security Credit Union offers 30,000 shared ATMs and 5,400 shared branches.
  • There are 6,153 credit unions in the United States. Missouri has 119 credit unions with 1,518,671 members.