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Exciting Changes are Underway

Thank you for being a valued member of Employment Security Credit Union. Exciting things are happening, and we wanted you to be the first to know!

What Is Changing?
Our name has changed to Civic Central Credit Union.

Why Is It Changing?
In March 2020, we extended our field of membership to include federal, state, and local government employees and retirees in Cole, Boone, Callaway, Miller, Moniteau and Osage counties.

This name change will better reflect our availability to all civil servants and their families.

What Are the Benefits?
This name selection not only celebrates our history, but also represents an important step in protecting the future of our institution.

Ensuring relevancy for our new field of membership will allow us to experience unhindered growth so we can continue providing you with the competitive rates, great service and account benefits you have come to enjoy.

How Will I Be Affected?
This name change will in no way affect your accounts, account numbers or transaction history. It is simply a way for us to open the public's eyes to our wonderful credit union.

In the coming months, you can expect to see changes on our statements, newsletters, and signage. Our website will also undergo revisions.

How Can I Help?
Be sure to update your email so we can keep you informed of changes along the way.

Please share with your colleagues and family members the eligibility our new field of membership provides them. See Eligibility Details here.

Leave a positive review so others will see the benefits of working with us!

Afterall, growing our credit union is for the good of us all.